AWEN’s music is for the soul. A French-Senegalese lawyer turned song-writer, producer, and vocalist, AWEN pursues her dream with a fervour that comes alive in her music.


Embodying strength in both her voice and character, AWEN confronts the complexities of love and loss, identity, and beauty fearlessly. Transcending genres, AWEN’s music moves between soulful Afro-house and deep spiritual trip hop. All of her songs are packed with raw emotion, inspired by the likes of Nina Simone. Listening to AWEN, one is easily allured by the powerful stories she tells through her songs. However, a deeper appreciation for her music comes after a few tracks, where listeners find themselves alongside her. As AWEN continues to flourish as a musician, listeners are also invited to reflect on their own personal growth.


AWEN is a natural performer who effortlessly connects with audiences across Europe and Asia. Splitting her time between Paris and Hong Kong, AWEN’s stage presence is one of warmth and charisma. Her first collaboration with Floyd Lavine (Rise Music) scored at the Top 10 of Beatport and Traxsource Afro House Global for weeks. As a speaker for Hong Kong TEDxTinHauWomen in 2018, AWEN shared the healing power of music and her desire to create songs that connect people on an emotional level.


AWEN is currently recording her debut extended-play with experienced producers and artists across Europe.



Live at Ophelia, Hong Kong.

Because music can also be a visual experience, here is a short video of one of AWEN's performances at Hong Kong's iconic club, Ophelia.

Tribute Series at Salon No 10, Hong Kong.

The concept is simple, three singers and four musicians get together to pay tribute to one of your favorite motown Icons.

Everything Is Better On A Boat!

AWEN's performance at the last annual JW Marine Boat Party.

TEDxTinhauWomen - 30 November 2018

AWEN's talk at the last TEDxTinhauWomen Conference held in Hong Kong. She talked about the impact of music on the brain and how we can all use music as a therapy.

Akmonian - Woobar W Hotel

Combining a singer, a harp player, a dancer and a Dj, Akmonian takes you on a journey through music and movements.